I am currently taking part in a Vandal/. project called 'The Capsule Vending (V/.)' The V/. Machine hosts a variety of work from international artists from different disciplines including traditional media & new media. They believe that by having conversations with people, people will become more aware of what they are creating and consuming, a practice they think we need to be conscious of, especially with the ever-growing rise of fake news and meme culture.

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SeeMe have featured my photograph 'View of a Small Village, Italy' on their instagram. SeeMe is dedicated to showing artists, photographers and creators of all kinds to the world, both online and in real-world exhibitions.

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Cooltzine #1

The premiere issue Cooltzine vol.1 launched on Saturday 12th May in London, Berlin, Belgrade & Sofia. My photographs from my 'Royal Wedding' series have been featured in the zine. The launch consisted of a paperless exhibition featuring artwork from 40 artists including myself. There was also a live link up with other venues in Sofia & Belgrade that were launching the zine as well as at Leyden Gallery in London.

The zine carries on the message of re-discovering the city, re-connecting and exchanging our stories as urban dwellers. The brief for Cooltzine vol.1 was “Neglected spaces in YOUR city where you find inspiration”, inviting visual stories as responses from different parts of the world.

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Whispers To Roars

Whispers To Roars is a literary magazine that also features artwork alongside their writing. They have featured two of my photography pieces in their current issue, 'View of a Small Village, Italy' & 'Wall & Window, China'.

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