LifeArt Festival

I have been selected as a finalist for the LifeArt Festival with my 'China' photographic series. LifeArt Global Media Festival is a Multimedia Festival that celebrates Life, Art & Films with unique events. Hosted in world class venues, the Festival offers a compelling combination of the international art scene and a journey of film discovery. 

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Ponder Review

Ponder Review have featured my photograph 'Wall & Window, China' in their current issue Volume 2, Issue 1. The publication seeks stories that challenge, stories that shift our view, ignite our imaginations, spark conversations, and linger with us long after our eyes leave the page. Ponder Review aims to explore, expound, and inspire through short plays, fiction, flash fiction, nonfiction, poetry,  new media, and visual art.

EmmaSywyj_Wall & Window, China.jpg

Virgin Spring Cinefest

Virgin Spring Cinefest is an international film festival based in Kolkata, India. I received an Honorable Mention for my 'China' photographic series from the festival. The festival has been named in honour of Ingmer Bergman’s classic film ‘Virgin Spring’ and has been launched to showcase independent art-house films from around the world.

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Avalonia Photography Traveler Award

FilmFreeway voted the Avalonia Festival in their Top 100 Best Reviewed Film Festivals. The Avalonia Photography Traveler Award is a part of the festival and I have been selected as the Winner for my 'China' photography series. The festival is named in honor of a continent lost is the mists of time, as if dissipated by magic. The Avalonia Festival is also based in the USA.                        



DELETE TV broadcast my video art piece 'Breakdowns' on OKTO.TV. After last year's big success DELETE TV is selecting remarkable experimental short films & video art which will be broadcast on their partner TV-Channel in Austria and several other video art platforms. Further more, the most eye and mind-bending films will make it to Delete TV Screenings all over Europe.

The program opens a window to the world of art and offers strong, wild and uncensored works from upcoming artists and film-makers. DELETE TV highlights contemporary issues in a global context, is highly educational & deeply focused on intercultural exchange and visibility.

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Public House Magazine

Est. 2016 in Public House Magazine is a humorous, unbiased and uncensored publication made in the for the unconventional artist & writer. They are not just a quarterly magazine, they are a community and a belief system. They believe everyone should speak freely with no retaliation regarding their political views or beliefs. Public House Magazine have featured some of my artwork on their website.

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Visual Art Contest

I have won the Silver Needle Press's Visual Art Contest for my photograph 'Woman on the Bus'Silver Needle Press is a new literary and artistic collective that strives to foster creative community through editorial accessibility and artist involvement. They pride themselves on the commitment to generate opportunities for exposure for both emerging and established authors.

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I am currently taking part in a Vandal/. project called 'The Capsule Vending (V/.)' The V/. Machine hosts a variety of work from international artists from different disciplines including traditional media & new media. They believe that by having conversations with people, people will become more aware of what they are creating and consuming, a practice they think we need to be conscious of, especially with the ever-growing rise of fake news and meme culture.

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SeeMe have featured my photograph 'View of a Small Village, Italy' on their instagram. SeeMe is dedicated to showing artists, photographers and creators of all kinds to the world, both online and in real-world exhibitions.

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